Policy brief – Promoting large-scale industrial renovation projects (German only)

New technologies and business models for serial net-zero renovations are tested and implemented in many European countries. This policy brief assesses support schemes and funding criteria to ensure the market uptake of industrial renovation projects based on the German policy framework.

In the Climate Protection Programme 2030 published in September 2019, the German government has decided to promote serial renovation with the aim to start a viable market of the industrialised prefabrication of building components and to standardise technology and contracting models.

Industrial renovation, following the Energiesprong approach, has multiple benefits which can be achieved by implementing targeted support schemes. Large-scale industrial renovation can decrease the time used for renovation on site, improve the quality of the renovation by performance guarantees and digital monitoring and address the shortage of skilled workers, thereby accelerating the decarbonisation of the building stock.

Support programmes may range from financial support (grants, tax relief, loans), risk reduction, the removal of legal barriers, promotion of innovative solutions, quality assurance measures, up to information and networking campaigns depending on the objective.

The factsheet is available in German only.