The Danish Way – How Denmark takes a leading role in Europe to renovate its building stock

Denmark has been committed to setting ambitious climate targets for a long while. Energy efficiency policies have a long standing tradition with a particular focus on buildings.

The EU requires Member States (MS), through Article 4 of the Energy Efficiency Directive, to establish a long-term strategy to mobilise investment in the national building stock renovation of both residential and non-residential buildings. In light of the deadline to submit national roadmaps to the European Commission, many Member States tried to find their bearing but the EU-funded Energy Efficiency Watch expert study found enormous disparities in national energy efficiency policies across the 28 EU MS. The study also states that there is “a lack of political will and clear strategy to act”, but at the same time commends Denmark for its strategic planning. Thus, Danes are praised for being top of the class when it comes to energy efficiency.

What is behind this success story?

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