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Stimulating an effective and active market for the buildings sector

BPIE elaborated in 2012 a study proposing nearly Zero-Energy Buildings definitions and policy implementation roadmaps by 2020 for Bulgaria. This study is based on an in-depth analysis of the local conditions, building stock data and policy and regulatory context. Based on actual practice in construction, on local climate, on purchase power and on a cost-optimal evaluation of potential improved energy performance options for main building types, an nZEB definition is put forward. The study also provides policy recommendations and implementation roadmaps for regulations, performance certification, support programmes, awareness and advice, R&D and integration of building policies into wider energy and community policies.

Recognising the potential for change in Bulgaria, BPIE continues its activities and looks to forge new partnerships with national stakeholders in order to fast-track ambitious policies in the field of energy efficiency in buildings.

Currently, BPIE is undertaking a project with the long-term goal of stimulating an effective and active market for the buildings sector, resulting in the comprehensive and deep renovation of residential buildings in Bulgaria. This project is developing:

  • An analysis of the Bulgarian residential building stock and the associated potential to reduce energy consumption;
  • An analysis of investment opportunities by building types, taking into account investment barriers and other transaction costs;
  • An outline of a financial support scheme.

The first analysis “Accelerating the Renovation of the Bulgarian Building Stock” was launched in 2016 and is available here.

For more information please contact our Senior Adviser, Dan Staniaszek: dan.staniaszek[at]