National initiatives

National initiatives

Smart and sustainable cities are not possible without highly efficient, healthy and liveable buildings. BPIE supports a multifaceted approach to achieve such buildings, and promotes regulatory measures as well as financial incentives that trigger the deep renovation of the European building stock and lead to the construction of new net-zero or low-energy buildings.

European legislation has no effect without a proper implementation at national level. BPIE therefore runs country-specific programmes and projects, supporting national policy-makers and convening stakeholders. Bringing best practice examples and sharing knowledge from outside national boundaries often inspires national processes.

Romania is the second biggest country in the Eastern European Union. The savings potential in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is significant. BPIE has been active in the country since 2011, supporting stakeholder debates and policy-making on topics such as nearly-Zero Energy Buildings, financing instruments and the national renovation strategy.

BPIE opened an office in Germany in 2014, establishing a broad network of stakeholders and participating in a government platform to foster energy efficiency in buildings. BPIE’s project contributes ideas to further develop the policy framework, in close collaboration with a number of partner organisations in the country.

In Poland, BPIE ran several projects in the past, supporting the development of a definition for nearly-Zero Energy Buildings and of a renovation strategy. To increase its activities and collaboration with national stakeholders, BPIE also opened an office in Warsaw in 2015.

Furthermore, BPIE is active in other Member States: countries where projects are carried out include Austria and Bulgaria. So far, additional partnerships have been developed in Greece and France, and through its pan-European work, BPIE has established excellent contacts with the research community and think-tanks in almost all countries.

Finally, a number of further outreach activities are allowing BPIE to expand its network globally.