From design to implementation: Innovative retrofitting approaches – 2nd EASEE workshop

26 November 2015, Turin, Italy

Around half of Europe’s buildings were built before 1975, in an era when energy efficiency, CO2 emissions and energy consumption were not a priority. Now a strong need arises to transform the most energy-demanding buildings into energy-efficient ones. Insights on this topic were shared during a workshop held at the Restructura expo.

The EU-funded project, EASEE, which stands for Envelope Approach to improve Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Existing multi-storey multi-owner residential buildings, has developed new insulation materials to transform buildings constructed before 1975 into energy-efficient units, materials applicable to façades, wall cavities and interiors. During the two-hour workshop, experts presented the innovative retrofitting solutions developed, shared experiences from several case studies and discussed the feasibility of a market uptake of these technologies. These solutions have been particularly adapted to the Italian context as one of the case studies in question is from Italy.

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