Building Renovation Strategies (EED Art. 4): From Directive to Delivery

Held in Brussels on March 2013

BPIE presented the results of its research on existing renovation strategies and the recommendations for future work in that field.

8.00 am Coffee & Croissants

8.20 am Short introduction by Oliver Rapf, Executive Director BPIE, Brussels

8.30 am Lessons from existing strategies, guidance and recommendations on general principles, Frank Klinckenberg/Mia Forbes Pirie, The Policy Partners, London

8.45 am Q&A, Moderation Oliver Rapf

9.00 am Outline Process for Renovation Strategy Development, Dan Staniaszek, Senior Expert, BPIE

9.15 am Q&A (Practicalities), Moderation Oliver Rapf

9.30 am End