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Building Renovation Passports – Customised Roadmaps Towards Deep Renovation and Better Homes

An overview of initiatives currently developed in France, Germany and Belgium, for building…

Published in: Full report, Press release, Summary version

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Building Renovation Strategies under the Spotlight

Overview of Member States’ progress with implementing Article 4 of the Energy Efficiency…

Published in: Full report

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Safeguarding Energy Security in South-East Europe with Investment in Demand-Side Infrastructure

An analysis of the vulnerability to gas supply disruptions concludes that Central and…

Published in: Full report, Press release


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Investor Days 2016

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COHERENO final conference

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Energy efficiency in buildings – Balancing costs with savings

Facts & figures

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Building renovation passport- overview of its component

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Building Stock Vulnerability to gas supply interruption in SEE countries

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Efficient buildings as micro energy-hubs